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On that day
you felt your spirit
leave your body
traveling far and wide
searching the seas and skies
It found me
here in this place
this time, surrounded
on all sides
by doubt and question
and what became of this night?

This night when all the stars
fell into the ocean and perished
when every light in my eyes
was extinguished into nothing
and I became blind
to all but your lies...
I feel your hands on me
in places my mind does not
fathom or perceive

I feel you rushing through me like wind
cold wind piercing my skin
and whistling as it wraps
around the fabric of my body
You blow through my face
my eyes are alive
with gusts of your light
and my lips are thirsty and waiting
for a taste of life from your own

What will become of this night
when the earth becomes soft
beneath my feet
and the air is empty of any sound
but your breath
your sweet breath
and I
am silent beneath my breast
My soul moves not
an inch or makes a single sound
my eyes unshaking
chased by fear but resisting
in this moment, for once
I find you
and you are mine
This is what you do to me...
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December 1, 2011
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